• Whether you like to run in the foothills or on mountain trails our Physical Therapy will get you back on the trail
  • Work Related Injury
    Work Related Injury
    We would love to help get you back to work again.
  • Enjoy Your Hobbies Again
    Enjoy Your Hobbies Again
    With our hands on physical therapy approach you will soon say I can enjoy my hobbies again
  • Road Running
    Road Running
    Get back on the road with our team helping your body recover
  • Golf Swing Pain?
    Golf Swing Pain?
    Let our Therapists help you get your body back in the swing of things.


I Can PT Doctors of Physical Therapy

I CAN PT Doctors of Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic that assesses and treats patients of all ages with a variety of diagnoses. All of our physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy, are well-qualified, licensed and more knowledgeable.


  1. Is a referral needed?: No, you can make an appointment without seeing your doctor. Just call and schedule your Physical Therapy Evaluation. 208-789-0200.
  2. What is Physical Therapy?: Physical Therapy ( PT ) is the assessment and treatment of your function and movement. Treatment is geared towards reducing your pain, regaining your strength and range of motion, improving your balance and coordination and helping you say I CAN again.
  3. Who needs Physical Therapy?: Anyone from the age of 3-103 that are saying “I CAN’T do that anymore” because of pain, an injury, an accident, surgery or any other musculo-skeletal issues and want to say I CAN again.
  4. What can Physical Therapy do for me?: I CAN PT Doctors of Physical Therapy can help reduce your pain, restore your strength, range of motion and most importantly your function.
  5. How do I know if I need Physical Therapy?: Contact I CAN PT Doctors of Physical Therapy and schedule your free consultation with one of our Doctor’s of Physical Therapy Therapists (DPT) and we’ll discuss if PT is right for you.
  6. How much does Physical Therapy cost?: Contact I CAN PT Doctors of Physical Therapy today and our friendly front office manager would be happy to contact your insurance and determine what your physical therapy benefits are.

Our Meridian/West Boise Location is centrally located for your convenience.

Located on the south east side of Meridian, we regularly see patients from Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Kuna, Eagle and other locations within the treasure valley. Our address is 1626 South Wells Avenue Suite 105 Meridian, ID


At I CAN PT Doctors of Physical Therapy
you will start saying:

I Can walk in the grocery store.
I Can play with my kids or grandkids.
I Can go skiing this season.
I Can travel on vacation with my spouse.
I Can play sports.
I Can go up and down the stairs.
I Can do my job.
I Can go hiking.
I Can walk without a cane.
I Can mow the lawn.
I Can weed my garden.
I Can shovel the snow.
I Can do the dishes.
I Can clean the house.
I Can knit.
I Can sew.
I Can split wood.
I Can paint.
I Can go biking.
I Can go hunting.
I Can reach into the cupboard.
I Can kayak.
I Can golf.
I Can run.
I Can lift weights.
I Can play musical instruments.
I Can sit at my desk.
I Can do yardwork.
I Can wash my hair.
I Can cook for my family.
I Can fish.
I Can, because of I CAN PT…….!